Sweet and responsive Daphne clearly comes from a well-trained background, though her past is largely unknown. She arrived at Sunrise Horse Rescue as a severe starvation case, but now has absolutely no trouble keeping the weight on. In fact, she is so good at maintaining her weight that she requires a low carb diet and exercise program. It is clear by her possessiveness of food that Daphne’s experience with starvation has deeply affected her and still stays with her all these years later.

Since losing her best friend Hayleigh, Daphne has become close with all the minis: Cupcake, Mini-Moo, and Roni. She has special shoeing needs caused by thin hooves and past issues with laminitis, a serious and painful inflammatory condition that can cripple horses.

Breed: Quarter Horse  |  Born: Unknown  |  Origin: Napa County  |  Joined the herd: 2013

Her Story

Daphne and her pasture-mate, Pete, were both severe starvation cases. Veterinarians were called out to see Pete for colic, and found him starving at the time. The veterinarians rescued Pete immediately with the help of Sunrise Horse Rescue, and left a healthy Daphne in place with clear feeding instructions given to her owners. When the veterinarians returned for a check-up, they found Daphne severely emaciated. She had a Henneke body condition score of 1.5, meaning she was in a life-threatening condition.

Daphne was immediately brought to Sunrise Horse Rescue and we began the UC Davis re-feeding protocol. She arrived with a thin coat over a skeletal frame, and only a 25% chance of recovery. It took months for her to reach an acceptable weight, but miraculously she recovered.

With swift help from the veterinarians and Sunrise Horse Rescue, Daphne beat the odds and gained back her coat, her weight, and her spunk. She now thrives at Sunrise Horse Rescue.